MudMixer Portable Concrete Mixer | Heavy Duty | Electric 9
KLEER Adhesive Applicator Gun
$14.00 / 4 Hours
$20.00 / Day
$80.00 / Week
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MudMixer Portable Concrete Mixer | Heavy Duty | Electric 10
Drain Cleaner-EEL Autofeed Snake 1/2" x 75 ft.
$60.00 / 4 Hours
$86.00 / Day
$344.00 / Week

MudMixer Portable Concrete Mixer | Heavy Duty | Electric

Pricing per period:
$72.00 / 4 Hours
$100.00 / Day
$400.00 / Week


The MudMixer® is the fastest, easiest, multi-use mixer on the market. Featuring a fully-adjustable water input designed to be used with concrete, mortar, or stucco mix — it quickly and effortlessly provides reliable consistency wherever it’s needed.

-35-in. stand-over height means you’ll never lift another bag above the belt
-Integrated bag opener for easy drop-and-fold opening of your favorite dry mix
-Fully-adjustable water dial allows for customized water flow for the desired mixture
-An all-electric, water-sealed motor with both forward and reverse settings to give you complete control
-Attached secondary hose for quick, easy, and convenient clean up
-Electric drivetrain with the power to chew through 40 bags of mix per hour
-14 gauge high-strength steel construction stands up to anything you need to throw at it
-330-degree pivot system allows for precision and adjustability on any work site
-Patented auger and chute move along any mixture to deliver it where it’s needed
-Marathon flat-free tires mean you’ll always get where you’re going

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